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Data Model

This is a brief overview of the types of entities (payloads) returned by different endpoints of AS2 Gateway REST API.

Generic Response

An entity with a single message (String) field, returned as an acknowledgement of an action (e.g. submitting a message) or an error description (e.g. failure to find an AS2 message by the given ID):

{"message": "Successfully added a new outbound entry"}

AS2 Message

Represents an AS2 message sent/received by AS2 Gateway, with the following attributes:

  • as2MessageId (String) - AS2 message ID

  • persistedTimestamp (Long) - timestamp in milliseconds

  • compressed (Boolean) - true or false depicting whether the AS2 message was compressed

  • encrypted (Boolean) - true or false depicting whether the AS2 message was encrypted

  • signed (Boolean) - true or false depicting whether the AS2 message was signed

  • subject (String) - Subject of AS2 message. If there is no subject, this field will not be included in the response.

  • receiverId (String) - AS2 ID of the AS2 partner who has sent/received this message

  • senderId (String) - AS2 ID of the AS2 station which has received/sent this message

  • transportStatusReceived (Integer, optional) - HTTP response code received. Only available on sent messages.

  • deliveryStatus (String, optional) - AS2-level delivery status of the AS2 message. Only available on sent messages. Possible values are Delivered, Not Delivered and No Status.

  • mdnStatus (String) - Delivery status of MDN. Possible values are Pending, Received, Not Requested and No MDN.

  • partnerType (String) - AS2 Partner type. Possible values are Production and Test

  • mdnMessage (MDN Message, optional) - represents the MDN sent/received for this AS2 message

  • attachments (Array of Attachments) - the attachments sent/received in this AS2 message

MDN Message

Represents a receipt, i.e. disposition notification (MDN) message received/sent by AS2 Gateway, with the following attributes:

  • persistedTimestamp (Long) - timestamp in milliseconds when the message was saved in AS2 Gateway

  • mdnError (Boolean) - true or false depicting whether the received MDN is an error MDN or not

  • content (String) - String with human readable part of the MDN received


Represents details of a single attachment sent/received by AS2 Gateway (usually appearing within a list of attachments), with the following attributes:

  • name (String) - attachment file name

  • size (Integer) - size of the attachment in bytes


Represents a collection of entities (usually AS2 Messages) returned from a pagination-enabled endpoint (usually a list endpoint)

  • totalRecords (Integer) - the total number of results that match the query

  • records (Array) - a subset of those results based on the requested pageOffset and pageLength

An example pagination response of AS2 Message entities would be as follows:

    "totalRecords": 10,
    "records": [
        {                       // an AS2 Message entity
            "as2MessageId": "<as2@message.id>",
            "mdnMessage": {     // (nested) an optional MDN Message entity
                "persistedTimestamp": 1556797479000,
            "attachments": [    // (nested) an array of Attachment entities
                    "name": "file1.txt",
                    "size": 391
        // more AS2 Message entities
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