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Retrieving an AS2 Message

Each endpoint accepts an ​:as2_message_id​ path parameter indicating the AS2 message to be retrieved.

For all successful responses,

  • the response ​status​ will be HTTP 200 OK.

  • the response ​payload​ will be an ​AS2 Message​ entity.


GET /:v/message/received/:as2_message_id

This endpoint supports an additional ​markAsRead​ (Boolean) query parameter. If this is set to ​true​, the message will be "marked as read" upon retrieval; any list queries with ​unreadOnly=true​ will not return it afterwards. You can combine this and the ​unreadOnly​ query parameter, to ensure one-time processing of received messages. (Note that this marking happens only at API scope; marked messages may still appear as unread on the AS2 Gateway Inbox.)

Successfully sent

GET /:v/message/sent/:as2_message_id


GET /:v/message/failed/:as2_message_id

Queued (pending-send)

GET /:v/message/queued/:as2_message_id

Currently, some AS2 message attributes (such as attachments) may be missing from the ​queued​ endpoint response.

Marking an AS2 Message as Unread

If a message has been marked as read via the API (using the ​markAsRead​ query parameter), it will not be returned in subsequent listing API calls. This behavior can be restored by marking the message as unread again.

POST /:v/message/received/:as2_message_id/markUnread

:as2_message_id: The AS2 message identifier of the relevant message

200 OK

    "message": "Successfully marked message <id> as unread"
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