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Retrieving an AS2 Message

Each endpoint accepts an :as2_message_id path parameter indicating the AS2 message to be retrieved.

For all successful responses,

  • the response status will be HTTP 200 OK.

  • the response payload will be an AS2 Message entity.


GET /:v/message/received/:as2_message_id

This endpoint supports an additional markAsRead (Boolean) query parameter. If this is set to true, the message will be "marked as read" upon retrieval; any list queries with unreadOnly=true will not return it afterwards. You can combine this and the unreadOnly query parameter, to ensure one-time processing of received messages. (Note that this marking happens only at API scope; marked messages may still appear as unread on the AS2 Gateway Inbox.)

Successfully sent

GET /:v/message/sent/:as2_message_id


GET /:v/message/failed/:as2_message_id

Queued (pending-send)

GET /:v/message/queued/:as2_message_id

Currently, some AS2 message attributes (such as attachments) may be missing from the queued endpoint response.

Marking an AS2 Message as Unread

If a message has been marked as read via the API (using the markAsRead query parameter), it will not be returned in subsequent listing API calls. This behavior can be restored by marking the message as unread again.

POST /:v/message/received/:as2_message_id/markUnread

:as2_message_id: The AS2 message identifier of the relevant message

200 OK

    "message": "Successfully marked message <id> as unread"
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