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AS2 Gateway Introduction

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The AS2 Gateway is a Cloud hosted AS2 Trading Gateway offered as a Service, by Aayu Technologies LLC.

The AS2 Gateway is powered by one of the best performing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB-X, developed by AdroitLogic. The UltraESB-X is one of the very few ESBs that allows B2B trading partners to directly integrate AS2/EDI based B2B interactions with internal IT systems. The UltraESB-X offers many more features in addition to AS2 - including support for multiple transports, message formats, routing, transformation, enrichment, caching, throttling etc with high availability and fail-over support in a clustered deployment.

Aayu Technologies also offers the AS2 Gateway as a customizable On-Premise deployment solution, to customers wishing to set up their own private AS2 gateway. Contact the AS2 Gateway Team for more details.

AS2 Gateway Benefits

  • Convenient subscription based SaaS model with no license fees and zero headaches on maintaining infrastructure and managing the software.

  • Competitive Pricing Model with customizable packages

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Ability to integrate with S/FTP for both inbound and outbound messages

With dedicated SFTP connectivity for your organization, AS2 Gateway can be configured to automatically upload inbound documents into relevant SFTP locations, offering a versatile integration point for your existing internal systems.

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  • REST API for easy, portable, cross-platform messaging integration

The AS2 Gateway REST API allows you to send, receive, check and manage your AS2/EDI messages via simple and secure HTTP API calls, offering full integration flexibility across business systems and platforms.

  • Email notifications for incoming messages

Never miss out on the important events by configuring AS2 Gateway to automatically send important notification emails to relevant users of the organization

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  • Ability to send multiple attachments in a single AS2 message

  • Inbuilt certificate store for simplified certificate generation and management

AS2 Gateway facilitates digital certificate manipulations through a simplified user interface, providing an easy and intuitive means of generating, importing and exporting certificates in different formats.

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  • Enhanced logging and auditing for monitoring purposes

AS2 Gateway provides audit trails for organization administrators to monitor the actions executed by users.