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Registering Your Organization

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Registering your Organization is the very first action to get started with AS2 Gateway, which can also be considered as Sign Up to the AS2 Gateway. Visit the AS2 Gateway home page and click on the Get Started button as shown below, to register your organization.

home pointed

This will take you to the Organization registration page and registration process has following 3 steps.

Setup your organization

The first step in registering an organization is to disclose few information related to the organization in to the registration wizard.

org reg

As shown above fill in the organization information.

  1. Fill in the domain name for the organization, which will be used to uniquely identify your organization in the AS2 Gateway. It is preferred to use your organization real web domain for this.

  2. Specify the organization name, this is the name assigned to your organization and is used when ever there is textual a reference to your organization

  3. Specify the full name of the organization administrator user.

  4. Specify an email for your organization, this has to be an email address belonging to your organization, accessible by you as an activation email will be sent to this email address. Later on this email address will also be used to notifications related to AS2 Gateway communication etc.

  5. Add a password for the new account.

  6. Add confirmation password. (Same one as the password field)

  7. Finally please read the terms carefully and click on the "Get Started" button on the bottom to submit the sign up form.

Once you submit the sign up form, a registration confirmation email will be sent to you and you will be redirected to the login page as shown below.

org login first
Check the Spam folder too
If you did not see the activation email in your organization email inbox in few seconds, please check the Spam folder too.
Resending confirmation email
By any chance, if you did not receive the confirmation email you have an option to request another confirmation email by filling your email and clicking the Resend Verification Email button from the login page shown above.

Once you check the email, Then you’ll have to check that email and click the verify email link. Once you click that link, it will verify the account and will direct you to the login page as follows.

org login

There you can login with the organization admin email and password and once you login you will be directed to dashboard as follows. Since we are just getting started most of the dashboard will be empty.

org dashboard
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