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Sending Your First Message

Version: latest

After completing station and partner configuration, we can try sending a message. First go to the compose message view using the "Send Message" icon on the bottom right corner in any page.

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Then you will be shown a view as follows.

compose message

Let’s compose an AS2 message.

  1. Select the partner you want to send a message to. If you only have one partner that will come selected by default.

  2. Select the station you want to send messages from. Again if you only have one station that will come selected by default.

  3. Then optionally specify a message subject here. If you keep this empty, the default subject set in partner configuration will be used.

  4. Next, to select the file, you can either drag and drop to the dropzone or you can browse and select the files. Once they are selected they will be automatically uploaded and a progress bar will be shown at the bottom of the dropzone.

    You can add up to 10 files per message, adding up to a total size of 10 MB.
  5. Then once the files are done uploading you can submit the messages to the queue by clicking the Save button.

When you submit, the message will be added to the queue and you will be redirected to the "Queued Messages" view as follows. From there on you can check on the status of the message.

queue message
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