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Trading Station Settings

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Advanced Options

If you are simply following along the quick-start guide, you could skip these options.
Trading Station Configuration - Advanced Options

Email Notifications

AS2 Gateway can send automatic email notifications to the address(es) specified under Email of your trading station:

Enable Email Notifications

When enabled, you will receive an email notification for each AS2 message received to this station.

If you are receiving large numbers of messages, or receiving messages in batches, consider turning this option off.
For convenience of integration/automation, the AS2 ID of the received message will be included in a custom header X-AS2-Message-ID on the email.

Enable Message Send Failure Emails

When enabled, you will receive an email notification when an AS2 message enqueued under this station fails to be sent out, permanently.

AS2 Gateway has an automatic retry mechanism for temporary failures; a single message may be retried up to ten times, before it is marked as a permanent failure. In such cases, the failure email will be sent out after the last retry.

Folder Structure

Decides the folder structure that will be used to store messages received by this station in SFTP, S3, etc.

  • With Create a new timestamp-prefixed folder for each incoming message, files for each incoming message will be saved into its own timestamp-prefixed subfolder.

  • With Store incoming files at inbox root, adding a timestamp-based unique prefix to its original name, there will be no per-message subfolder; instead, everything will be saved in inbox itself, with a timestamp-based unique prefix added to the original attachment filename.

  • With Store incoming files at inbox root, files will be saved directly in inbox.

See the inbox file/folder structure reference for detailed examples.

Note that these options do not affect the file sending behavior (SFTP outbox folder structure).

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