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SFTP Access

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Logging in with FileZilla SFTP Client

In this section we’ll look into how we can login to the AS2 Gateway SFTP server from FileZilla SFTP Client. If you don’t have the client installed already please download the client and install it before proceeding further.

  1. First download the private key file from the SFTP view in AS2Gateway.

  2. Then open up FileZilla client

  3. Then in the FileZilla client interface, open the site manager. A window such as the following will show up.

    filezilla site manager initial
  4. Next click on New Site button to start creating a new remote configuration. You can name the new site according to your preference.

  5. Fill the configuration details in 'General' tab as shown below.

    • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

    • Host: sftp.as2gateway.com

    • Port: 9193

    • Logon Type: Key file

      filezilla new site configuration
  6. Then fill the username with the username which you used when setting up SFTP in AS2Gateway.

  7. Now you can browse for the key file we downloaded in the first step and assign it. Note that in this step a dialog box will pop up as shown below. In this dialog box, FileZilla is asking if it is fine to convert the private key to the format it expects. Click Yes to proceed.

    filezilla key covert dialog
  8. Now when FileZilla proceeds to convert the key file, it will request for the key password as shown below. Please enter the password which you used when setting up SFTP in AS2Gateway.

    filezilla key password prompt
  9. When FileZilla succeeds in converting the private key file to PPK format, it will prompt for a name and a location to save the converted file. Please give a name and a location to proceed.

    filezilla save converted key file prompt
  10. Then click on Connect and once again the key password will be requested as follows.

    filezilla connect key file prompt
  11. Then you will be connected to the AS2Gateway SFTP server.