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User Roles

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User roles view provides the ability to add, remove and edit user roles. To access this view, first select the User Management item from the main menu and then from the sub-menu select Roles.

roles menu

Adding a new role

roles add new

To add a new user role, first click on the New Role button, which will open the form to add user role information.

roles add new form

Role name

  • On the New Role form first specify a name (1) for the role to be added.


  • Then tick the permission checkboxes (2) to select the required permissions to be assigned to the new role. These permissions are grouped based on the type and you can either tick a group to select all permissions of it or expand it and select individual permissions.

  • Further if you would like to check/uncheck permissions of all the groups to a user use the Add All Permissions checkbox.

Finally click Save to persist the created role.

User roles list

All the roles added as explained above are listed in the user roles list. This tabular view displays the below information of each user role in addition to a set of action buttons.

roles list

Name (1)

The name of the user role

Permissions (2)

List of permissions which belong to the user role

The action buttons provide the following functionality for each user role.

Edit (3)

Can be used to modify an existing user role. Clicking on this button will take you to Edit Role view, which is almost the same form that was used to add a new role, with values already filled. There you can modify the name of the user role and permissions assigned to that particular user role. Once editing is done you can click the Save button to save the modifications.

Remove (4)

Can be used to remove an existing user role. When this button is clicked, you will get a confirmation dialog and the user role will be removed once confirmed.

In addition to the above, the search box (5) can be used to search user roles based on name and the refresh button (6) can be used to refresh the table data.

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